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News di settore - Ringraziamenti - Esperienze pazienti - Realzioni e Interviste Dr.Risi

Dr Risi e il centro Amsterdam Foot & Ankle Platform

Il Dr. Risi è recentemente diventato membro di un importante Centro Internazionale di Chirurgia della caviglia che ha sede ad Amsterdam: il Centro Foot & Ankle Platform. Questo centro, diretto dal Professor C. Niek van Dijk, vede coinvolto in prima linea il Dr. Risi in nuovo studio sperimentale nel campo della medicina ortopedica.

Di seguito l'istituo che scrive al Dr. Risi
Dear Colleague,

Reminder: Please start or continue the study. The study will close:
June 30th at 23:59.

On behalf of  Professor C. Niek van Dijk, we are pleased to invite you
as a co-author of the Ankleplatform Study Collaborative – Science of
Variation Group study, to participate in an interobserver study:
“Reliability of Classification for Posttraumatic Arthrosis After
Posterior Malleolar Fractures”. In this new study 42 cases of ankle
fractures involving a posterior malleolar fragment will be evaluated.
The X- rays are more than 10 years post operative.

Your participation will take approximately 45 minutes in total and
will be awarded with an authorship as a member of the Ankleplatform
Study Collaborative, with a hit in Pubmed under your name.(e.g. ). To participate, click
on the link below. Your participation is highly appreciated!

Best regards and thank you in advance.

Diederik Meijer & Femke Claessen

Ringraziamenti Paziente

Dear Dr Risi

I avail myself of this opportunity to update you on my post-op
recovery! After the operation on 24th June (plantar fascitis) the
recovery was rather slower than anticipated - it was not until early
September that the painful inflammation subsided -but I did eventually
recover the use of my foot for walking and running. It still 'tweaks'
a little in certain situations, but generally all is well providing I
wear the orthopaedic insole which I had specially made.

So many thanks to you for making my life happy again!

Kind regards

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